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Ridgeway Farm Art Project Quick Update - December 2019

December 2019 update for residents! I will be on site at Ridgeway Farm Academy Tuesday 3rd December at 11am to collect any art work from residents for the community map!  Please meet me there and if you can't make it I will  next be on site on SUNDAY 19th JANUARY 2020 at 11am for the next 'Walk n Talk' with Residents. (This will be the last date for delivering art work for the illustrated map!) In the meantime, I am preparing notes for the Community Orchard to be planted in Autumn 2020 in the field adjoining River View - following the railway line towards the hedge and hope to have drawings of proposed seating/signage/sculpture to show you via this blog and via the email newsletter. There is still time to get involved and become one of the community champions and orchard project leaders! Follow this find out more about the project and/or sign up for regular updates! Follow #ridgewayfarmart o