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Ridgeway Farm Art Project Newsletter #3 November 2019

Ridgeway Farm Art Project

Newsletter #3 November 2019

Location: Ridgeway Farm Residential Development, Purton, Wiltshire.

Phase One: Community Consultation - ongoing to February 2020 
for the residents of Ridgeway Farm and the wider Purton community.
You may have received a flyer through your letterbox about this project – this is a quick update for you!

Thank you!!

For coming along to the Walk n Talk in October – it was great to have more families, and their dogs explore the development with me and discuss the ideas put forward.  We now have a plan and a group of willing  community championsto take this forward!

The Map:  

Please send me drawings either by post or email or bring them to the next meeting on site on TUESDAY 3RD DECEMBER 11am outside the school (or at The Manor Garden Centre if it’s raining - TBC).  

 Art work is needed as soon as possible please!  A3 max size, colour or black and white, name and date the work! 

This will be a hand illustrated map of the development including art work from residents and pupils at Ridgeway Farm Academy. We want to celebrate the wildlife and nature on your doorstep so I am looking for  your drawings or photographs of wildlife, nature, landscape, houses, trees, plants, flora and fauna seen on the development to include in the map which will be given free to each household in the development.

The Community Orchard:

Thank you for stepping up to be Community Orchard Champions– we have found a site that is most suitable and I will guide you through what is involved in a community orchard – the first step will be choosing the type of trees you want so take a look at:

Its not too late to get involved - we need more residents to help with running a community orchard!
The space identified as most suitable is in the (currently fenced-off) area of open space to the north east railway boundary - off Mill Hill down towards River View.  

We have a resident that will look at wild flower planting within the orchard and I hope we can have a ‘seed-bomb’ making session next year.  We need the wild flowers to encourage the bees and insects to pollinate the fruit trees and provide food for the bats and birds – it’s a great thing to have on your doorstep and you can make a positive change now for your children to enjoy in the future.
(If you are interested in re-wilding take a look at;  & maybe read the Isabella Tree ‘Wilding’ book)

Bat Boxes:

We now know there are bats at Little Ground – thanks for sharing!  The bat box idea was well received along with bird box making.  Next spring (after torpor/hibernation) there will be a ‘Bat Walk’ with a volunteer from the Wiltshire Bat Group - date to be confirmed soon.  

There will be a bat box making workshop for residents spring/summer 2020 – sign up now if you want to receive info about this – I need to confirm numbers to plan a workshop space for this. 

Art Work/Sculpture:

Following the walk around, we identified the verge area on the left hand side as you enter the development from Purton on Cowleaze as a potential site for a “Ridgeway Farm” Sign.  You want it to tell people you are in a residential setting and hope it will slow people down. The farming history of the site and the natural environment and ecology will inform the art work.

We also discussed a seat/bench on top of ‘snail hill’ and one by the orchard.  I will be working on these ideas over the next few months and will share ideas with you via the blog page.

Can you help spread the word about this project?  Tell your neighbors and get people talking about what is happening?  Share on social media and get your neighbors to come along with you and look at the different locations we visited for the sculpture and orchard.

I will be running more art workshops at the school, cubs and scouts and an after school photography session for parents with their children and Wildlife Wonder next year – sign up now!

To summarise - please meet me again on
outside the school where you can hand over art work and we can review the site for the orchard and get more people involved in the project!  

Follow this find out more about the project and/or sign up for regular updates!

Follow #ridgewayfarmart on Twitter and Instagram

If you would like to contribute to this project in any way please contact me via email;

See you on site soon!


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