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Ridgeway Farm Art Project Update 21.08.19

Ridgeway Farm Art Project Update 21.08.19
Following the first Walk n Talk on Sunday 11thAugust and subsequent site visits, the project is now taking form.
Meeting outside the Ridgeway Farm Academy at 11am we headed up through the houses to Upper Ox Hill where the path leads spiralling around to the top (and has been nicknamed Snail Hill) wild flowers are starting to come through but mostly chick weed is dominant. The views are amazing from there - looking across to Liddington across the centre of Swindon; to Purton and up to the Cotswolds possibly as far as the top of Birdlip Hill.

There is a footpath on the other side of the B4553 road that leads back to Purton but is not clearly accessible at the moment and has new saplings densely planted up to the development boundary.

We crossed over to the public open spaces to the north where once you have negotiated the steps a path leads toward the railway bridge and footpath to the River Ray – a delightful surprise for me that this is so ea…

Ridgeway Farm Art Project 'Walk n Talk' 11 August 2019

Newsletter #1 Summer 2019

Location: Ridgeway Farm Residential Development, Purton, Wiltshire.
Phase One: Community Consultation - now to February 2020 for the residents of Ridgeway Farm and the wider Purton community.

Following the launch of this project at Ridgeway Farm Academy Summer Fair on 13thJuly you are invited to come to:
Walk ‘n’ Talk on Sunday 11thAugust
Meet outside Ridgeway Farm Academy SN5 4GT at 11am
This is an open invitation for you to show me your public open spaces and share with me and the group how you hope these spaces will be used in the future.  
Bring your dog / trainers / wellies / camera / notebook/ sketchbook / friend / binoculars / map / flask…!
The aim is to spend a couple of hours as a group exploring your space – looking at where any art work might go and letting you get to know me and find out more about this project.
Ideas already suggested and open for discussion are;
* Entrance Sculpture * Seating – Meeting Places * Nature Trail * Wildlife Sculpture  * Communit…