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Stanford In The Vale Art Project

STANFORD IN THE VALE ART PROJECT May 2019  Public Art Project – Community Consultation Opportunity Following some building development in the village (Section 106) there are some Public Art works in the consultation and development stages and the local residents of Stanford In The Vale have an opportunity to be involved. Initial design ideas are being worked on for new planters for the main entrance roads into the village – The High Street, Cottage Road etc.  Some of these will replace the existing wooden ones but it is hoped there will be a few new ones!   The longer term goal is that these will be the start of an arts trail that will creatively explore and bring together some of the events and features that have shaped the village over the years. I am the artist who will be seen in and around the village putting together ideas!  I have already spent a number of days in a hi-viz jacket wandering around measuring signs and exploring the village researching the loca

Ridgeway Farm Art Project - It's Happening!

RIDGEWAY FARM  ART PROJECT Location: Ridgeway Farm, Purton, Swindon, Wiltshire. Public Art Project – Community Consultation – Get involved! Ridgeway Farm housing development is nearing completion and as part of the planning requirement (Section 106) there will be a public art project starting this summer which it is hoped residents of the development will be involved in.    I was selected in 2013 by Taylor Wimpey to work with the local community to make a fabulous art project and now that the development is nearing completion the project is happening! With the help of residents and parishioners there will be a design and consultation stage    starting  this  summer where I will be  exploring the site, drawing on  the  local  wildlife, flora and fauna along with the local history  I would like to meet with any interested residents and parishioners who know anything about the history of the farm, have an interest in birds, nature and wildlife and/or just want to be i