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Ferrous Festival 2019 5th - 14th April 2019

For anyone interested in blacksmithing there was a great event in Hereford - Ferrous Festival 2019 You can see the results of the fabulous #150mmchallenge pieces which have inspired blacksmiths from across the globe to get involved and post images of their work on social media. My piece was about giving myself boundaries along with the limited stock of 150mm of 20 x 20 mm square steel bar.  I had 3 hours from starting the forge to finishing the piece and limited myself to hand hammer, power hammer for tapers, hardie, fire, anvil and wanted to include a 'knocked-up' or 'square corner' in my piece while also making it as long as possible.  I didn't want my piece to be restricted in any way and balance and fine hammer work was important. A FESTIVAL OF ARTIST BLACKSMITHING, HEREFORD 5th- 14th APRIL 2019 PROGRAMME & MAP   FERROUS FESTIVAL RETURNS WITH A CELEBRATION OF THE NATURAL WORLD   After an amazing festival in October 2017, Hereford Business Improvem