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Autumn 2018 - Update

It has been a busy year so far!  I have made a large scale, split strand DNA sculpture for Winchester University Cosmic Walk. DNA sculpture by Melissa Cole (photo credit; Mark Somerville) I have also finished the last window panel in a Sir John Soanes designed house which depicts the history of the house and local landscape. I am waiting to install another public art piece in Malmesbury - images to follow when the work is installed and have worked on a number of small commissions in-between. My courses are fully booked for this year and I am also fully booked for commissions until May/June 2019 My Etsy gift shop  is starting to gain interest - I am selling smaller gift items here such as linked hearts, hooks, feathers and huge nails! My prototype garden linked hearts were recently auctioned for the Jemima Layzell Trust  and raised £300 and a one day course raised £250 for Wiltshire Air Ambula