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Guest Blog with Wiltshire Arts Service 28th July 2017

 T his week myself and Jonathan Mansfield, Landscape Painter give an insight into their working practices towards a curated show at The Pound Arts Centre, Corsham. Follow the link below!

So You Want To Be A Blacksmith! Part One

I want to be a blacksmith! How to get started if you have a burning desire to be a blacksmith Modern blacksmiths are fantastic, they are multi-skilled and multi-talented, they often work alone through choice and because it is a hard to generate enough work to run a team and if you are restricted by your workshop space. There is a growing interest in our craft through modern media highlighting specific aspects according to what is fashionable at the moment.   This could be the moment for blade making as promoted by TV shows like Forged In Steel and the likes of Game Of Thrones/Lord Of The Rings.   A new breed of blacksmiths are emerging, some through the great colleges and courses in blacksmithing that we have in Hereford, Warwick and Dorset, some through the need to leave city jobs and make a new life with a new craft skill.   I welcome these blacksmiths with open arms – we need more blacksmiths! The UK has some great blacksmiths but it doesn’t incorporate their ir

'Ancient Landscapes: New Lines' Exhibition 23rd June - 2nd September 2017

Ancient Landscapes: New Lines The Wiltshire landscape that surrounds their studios is the inspiration for  Melissa Cole ‘s steel sculptures and  Jonathan Mansfield ‘s paintings. Considering the contemporary geography in relation to ancient geology, the artists’ works are exhibited alongside  Pitt Rivers Museum  finds from excavation sites – objects held in the Salisbury Museum Pitt Rivers collection. 23 June – 2 September 2017, The Pound, Pound Pill, Corsham, Wiltshire SN13 9HX. #NewLinesArt #landscape #sculpture I will be showing with  Jonathan Mansfield  for the first time space at The Pound Arts Centre in Corsham, Wiltshire. Landscape by Jonathan Mansfield As artists living within a few miles of each others studios we have been brought together for this exhibition by Fiona Cassidy, curator at The Pound and we will present our individual experiences of journeying, sensing and interpreting

Note on new sculptural work at The Pound Arts, Corsham. June 2017

Ancient Landscapes; New Lines Pound Arts Pound Pill, Corsham, Wiltshire. SN13 9HX Notes on my work For anyone that has followed the progress of my sculptural work, there are developments afoot. The Landscape NH series of modular sculptures are based on familiar landscapes around Puthall Farm, towards Axford, Ramsbury and Mildenhall which I have walked, cycled and ridden for the last fifteen years.   The shapes and formations of the landscape and field boundaries; marks made by man on the land, have informed the lines and contours of the works as I have remembered them from repetitive journeys.   Familiar motifs of woodland peaks catching the sun, holloways and chalk pits are all represented in these works which are reflections on a journey across a remembered space. The Lifeline sculptures started from a point of recognition of the historical and archeological features that surround Marlborough, Wiltshire. The nails mark those specific points of a journey on a to-s