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JHQ Commission 3rd June Update

After a frantic few days in the workshop, I was able to deliver the finished sculpture to South West Metal Finishing for zinc plating today.  It just fits in their tanks and will get an extra thick plating.  It was a real challenge to get all the birds happily in place on the forged arms and I have opted for 8 birds in the finished piece.  The weight was getting quite big and the sculpture would have been over crowded with ten birds.  Now they look in flight and fantastic so I am delighted!

I have to select the final colour for the top section of this piece and had thought blue would look great but I really fancy something metallic or a shimmer coat on top of a blue base.  A trip to Sunbase is in order to see what they have in stock.  I only have a 10 working day slot to turn it around and still have to rivet the copper wings on after painting, wrap it up and get ready for collection!

I have an offer of a photograph of the finished piece from  We will take it into the woods here and light it to get a lovely post card image.

Photos will be posted as soon as I have a finished piece to show!


  1. lovely to read this Melissa .... we have kept the children 'posted' at this end and we are all looking forward to seeing it again.

    Mike Chis


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