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Society of Women Artists 159th Open Exhibition

I am really happy that for the first time my sculptures have been accepted into the 159th Society of Women Artists Open Exhibition.
 Normally my work is too big (but not that big!) for these types of open submission!  Because of Covid-19 this is an online exhibition from 22nd September - 31st December 2020  You can view the whole exhibition following this link Society of Women Artists Online Exhibition
LANDSCAPE No. II - NH5690This sculpture was made as a response to the landscape around Puthall Farm, Stitchcombe and Savernake Forest where I would regularly ride, bike and walk.  It is one of three modular sculptures that fit together as one unit or stand alone as individual sculptures.  Capturing the flow of the landscape as I move through it is the basis of the work; the sunlight catching the tree tops highlighted in gold leaf.  This work is a combination of drawings from the land and interpreted landscape formation following farmed lines and paths created by livestock.

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‘Sculpture in the Landscape 1969 – 2020’Location: West Leaze, Ogbourne Rd, Aldbourne, SN8 2LD 3 – 27 September 2020 Wednesday - Sundays 11am to 6pmIt is organised by voluntary organisation 'Friends of the Garden' which have posted previous exhibitions in Urchfont and West Lavington.  Over 30 artists will exhibit sculpture in this very beautiful landscape setting high on the Marlborough downs. They include Wiltshire based artists Lisi Ashbridge, Dominic Clare, James Jones and Johannes Von Stumm and Melissa Cole. West Leaze as built in 1948 'West Leaze', near Aldbourne was one of the first modernist architecture homes in the country of Wiltshire and was  commissioned by Labour politicians Hugh and Ruth Dalton.  The next owners were Roger and Pat Leigh.  Roger begun sculpting in 1948 and once worked as an assistant to Barbara Hepworth.In 1969 the Leigh’s organised an exhibition involving eighteen artists. The reputations of some remains high today and their work survives i…

Ridgeway Farm Art Project Newsletter No.8 August 2020

Ridgeway Farm Nature Trail Map - hand delivered to your home!Phase 2 of the Ridgeway Farm Art Project is now complete and nearly all the residents should have a copy of the hand-illustrated nature map of the development.If you are unfamiliar with the project, here is a brief catch-up:The map is drawn by myself and has images included on the front by pupils from Cherry Trees Class at Ridgeway Farm Academy.  The little winter trees in the south east corner, the plan view of a street in the west and the birds eye view drawing of the school in the centre of the map were done on an art day in school where I asked the children to imagine they were a bird flying over the development and could they draw what they see. This is a great way to think about the space around where you live or learn, you can remember small details when you take time to think about it and planning these out in a simple way helps to familiarise yourself with your surroundings and how you interact with them.The little …

CROPS Entrance Sign Design Voted As Favourite For Ridgeway Farm Development July 2020

Thanks to everyone that voted for their favourite design for the new entrance sign at Ridgeway Farm - I was really pleased with the feedback and comments and am delighted that the most popular design is CROPS.
This sketch design will be worked up now for planning consent and into working drawings ready hopefully for forging in the Autumn.  I am looking forward to getting stuck into this and will post regular updates on my Instagram page of work in progress
Here is a mock-up sketch of how it could look from the road approaching from Purton

I will be next on site delivering free hand illustrated nature trail maps for residents - let me know if you would like a copy by email or on Facebook

Ridgeway Farm Art Project - Designs for a new Entrance Sign - Vote Now!

This blog post is to share the designs for anew signproposed forthe entrance to Ridgeway Farm development from Purton.  If you have read the other newsletters and blogs you will be up to date with progress of the project and the reasons for this location but just in case you missed it, the best space for a bespoke Ridgeway Farm entrance sign is on the public open space to the left hand side (north) of Cowleaze, approaching from Purton, opposite "Snail Hill'.

I have three design options for you to consider and vote for your favourite by email or on social media.

The three design ideas draw on the unique topography of your immediate landscape - "Snail Hill' and the dips and peaks of the open spaces, roads and paths that interweave between your houses giving your homes an intimate, village feel.  
Combined with the recent farming history of the site I have developed two designs that reflect this: crops growing and a pastoral scene depicting old English animal breeds.  The …

Ridgeway Farm Art Project - Colour at Home Nature Trail Map - page 9 of 9!

Ridgeway Farm Art Project -  Colour at Home Nature Trail Map
Page 9 – the last one!
Here is the last print-at-home section of the nature map for you to colour at home.   This is the south western corner of the development as you drive in from the Swindon town – West Swindon Peatmoor area.
The trees were drawn by Lewis from Cherry Trees class in the workshop day I did in school last September – I loved the simplicity of them and they are a wintery touch for the map.  Feel free to draw animals and plants in between the trees to create your own woodland area as you want to see it.  The deer is drawn by Poppy a resident on the development – a lovely little watercolour which is in full colour on the final map.
Page 9 of 9 Print at home map download here!
If you haven’t got all the sections you can still access them via my blog:  Melissa Cole Blog The finished fold out map is due to go to print soon and will be distributed to every household on the development.  If you are able to help me deliver m…

Ridgeway Farm Art Project - Colour at Home Nature Trail Map Part 8 of 9

Ridgeway Farm Art Project -  Colour at Home Nature Trail Map
Page 8 of 9

We are getting to the last two sections of the map for you to colour at home, this is the Western part of the development and features the lovely hedging and drainage ditch behind Cob Hill and Dew Pond Close.  The brambles, trees and hedging near the pond will attract more wildlife to this quiet area of the development. 
Don’t forget to look at the different colour roof tiles – this was the bit that took ages for me to colour in at home!
My coloured version of the  map follows the colours of nature around the border of the map - this section is spring with snowdrops and celandines as seen around the development.   Feel free to add what you have seen in this space to the border around the drawing.

Click here to download part 8 of 9 colour-at-home Ridgeway Farm Nature Trail map
Did you see Grayson's Art Club this week?  It was all about the view from a window - if you have drawn or painted or recreated a view from your…